Preamble to Dnyandeep

This work would not be complete without a mention of my father. My father was not only a great chemist but also a great poet. He translated thousands of English, Sanskrit, Hindi and Gujarati poems into Marathi poems. (Sanskrit is an ancient Indian language; Hindi is the national language of India, while Gujarati and Marathi are the regional languages spoken in the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra respectively. Marathi is our mother tongue). He received many accolades for his contributions in our mother tongue in the realm of poetry.

A poet I never was ! I started writing my medical notes on the internet. My students urged me to write medical 'diagnostic rhymes'. With reluctance showing on my face but eagerness in my heart I wrote some sample poems. My students appreciated them. Encouraged by this response, I wrote some more medical and medico-social poems. The poems were lauded by the medical community as well as the lay people the world over. They were not poems in a literary sense. In a true literary sense, 'DNYANDEEP' was the first English poem I composed. I entered this in a contest on It was selected as an 'award winning poem'. Soon the poem became an 'Educational Hymn'. Inspired by this I started composing more and more poems. I entered poems in many contests on the internet and many of them received awards. Thus by coercion from my students and by serendipity I became a poet. Says my dearest lady, my wife about my poems, 'Your English poems are so esteemed that if your father was alive today, he would have translated each and every one into our mother tongue: Marathi. This is the highest accolade bestowed on me in life. As I wrote poems on diverse (several) subjects I think “Dnyandeep" is an apt title for this book.

Many of my poems are in fact pages from my autobiography in poetry : ' Elegy of my life ' furnishing the first page and , A realm bete-noire the ' Last leaf ' of my life!

After reading the poems, from world over, many readers sent me suggestions. I am grateful to them for educating me. I am grateful to all who inspired me to compose poems.

I cordially invite you to take a dip in the sea of the journey of life (or bask in the light that is Dyandeep...or any other comparison). Here's hoping that you enjoy the experience.....