About Dr.Vinze


Dr.Hemant Laxman Vinze is a man of many credits. He pursued the noble career of medicine.

In addition to procuring a Master's degree in General Surgery, he has had non formal education in both the Ayurvedic & the Homeopathic systems of medicine.

Medical Profession

Dr.Vinze's career span encompasses many publications to his credit as well as many a teaching experience.

Among his publications include nine papers in recognised medical journals & three "Spot-Diagnosis" case reports in "Sandoz Medical Times".

He has contributed a paper on "Leiomyoma of appendix" in an internationally recognised monograph on 'Pathology of appendix' published by Chapman & Hall.

It may be mentioned here,that he has hundreds of clinical photographs & X-rays of academically interesting cases awaiting publication.This collection, if published, will be a boon for medical students & medical libraries.


He has been teaching since his registrarship in Rajawadi hospital & has been a Honorary Lecturer in institutes like College of Home Science,All India Radio etc. He is currently involved in conducting tuition classes for medical students.


However,Dr.Vinze's writings are not confined to the field of medicine alone.His contributions to the field of Science are as numerous as well.

He has written for many periodicals, weeklies as well as dailies, in Marathi,Hindi & Gujarati.

He is the author of 10 books on science and medicine.of which 4 books are in Popular Science, 3 of which have received Awards from the State Government.


Dr. Vinze is a talented poet as well ! His poems have been accepted by the International Library of Poetry. They will be published in America's book "Nature's Echoes" next year & will be even included in a CD-ROM & tape collection.

He has Received many digital trophies in poetry contests.His poem "DNYANDEEP" was declared as Award winning Poem by popular website www.poetry.com.


Among his other awards are the " National Award for Best Science & Technology coverage in Mass Media " given by NCSTC, New Delhi & a national award from Swatantrya Veer Savarkar National Memorial.

Received 4 'Lifetime Achievement Awards", Felicitation by Jagadguru Shankaracharya.

Post Doctoral Fellowship

He has a post doctoral fellowship for "Indigenous" development of heart valves from the University of Mumbai.

That's Dr.Vinze for you in a nutshell.

Always bubbling with enthusiasm & creativity, he is always looking for venturing on something new.

He believes that the beauty of knowledge doubles when spread & constantly endeavours to spread the lantern of knowledge via his students for many generations to come.

........ Dr.Abhijay Karandikar