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True to its title, " Dnyandeep " ,This website is " A Lantern Of Knowledge ". He has developed this website to spread knowledge to masses, to encourage masses to cultivate the habit of reading and writing,to give access to any person of the society to publish his/her article on his website.


Message in English

Because the path was thorny and long,
And through a dark and lonely land,
I set upon your lips a song,
And placed a 'Dnyandeep' in your hand.
In stormy weather,
In torrential rain,
I protected the flame,
From getting blown out.
Dear, O dear students,
I pass on my heritage unto you,
It's upto you now,
To keep the candle kindling--
keep the candle kindling lads,
keep the candle kindling--

An International Award winning Poem by International Library of Poetry- popular website www.poetry.com

Message in Marathi