About Dr.Vinze

Hemant Laxman Vinze, born 06 th March 1941,in Mumbai, Maharashtra is one of five Siblings,in a family.keen individual,Very Confident, An inquisitive,Self Disciplined right from the childhood.He believes that the beauty of knowledge doubles when spread & constantly endeavours to spread the lantern of knowledge via his students.

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About Dnyandeep

True to its Title, " Dnyandeep ", This website is " A Lantern Of Knowledge". He has developed this website to spread knowledge to masses, to encourage masses to cultivate the habit of reading and writing, to give access to any person of the society to publish his/her article on his website.

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Preamble to Dnyandeep

This work would not be complete without a mention of my father. My father was not only a great chemist but also a great poet. He translated thousands of English, Sanskrit, Hindi and Gujarati poems into Marathi poems.(Sanskrit is an ancient Indian language; Hindi is the national language of India,Marathi is our mother tongue).

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treasury of medical plants

The emerge of English Publication- Pharmacognosy

"I intended to compile an encyclopedia on pharmacognosy, or herbal pharmacology, in the true sense. I began by describing herbs by alphabetical order, but then took to selecting and writing on herbs that are used commonly, saving herbs in lesser use for the end. The credit to this suggestion goes to my wife, who considered both my age and the Herculean task that I had undertaken!"

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Conquest Of Death-Near death surgical cases

In clinical practice of more than 20 years, Dr.vinze has encountered complicated, near-death surgical cases. He has narrated how he was able to help patients in life threatening troubles to continue their life journey.

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Medical Poems

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Open Space- Written by his Medical Students

The objective is to give access to any person of the society to publish his / her article on his website.