Dr. Hemant Vinze, surgeon to the masses, a poet to the people who know him, “Sir” to a lot many, and a student to himself!! That’s about sir in one line…. But more than that, he is a fantastic human being. Humble as a lamb that he is, he has a lion’s share in shaping the future of a lot many young doctors like me.

I have imbibed a lot more than just medicine, during the time I spent with him. He not only taught me to treat the person and not the disease, but with his example in front of our eyes, I realized the importance of giving a patient hearing to my patients—it gives a lot more information than what all the reading could. His methods of teaching opened the doors of medicine for me. Otherwise, I would have been lost in this ever-growing web of information on the human body—not knowing where to start, or which road to walk.

He is a master of simplification and an enemy of simplism. No words could express my gratitude towards him.

It is said, “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” Sir, you have inspired us in ways no one else has. Till date, I have his poem framed (gifted by him) on my desk…..it’s one of my most valued & necessary items on my desk:

Like a pearl in a shell
In a cradle o bairn! you dwell
To you even this tiny space
May seem to be a vast expanse!
So live that as you grow
By your glorious deeds you show
That this universe-your cradle
Would be petite, finite and humble!

His desire to learn is unsatiable. He would say, “To teach is to twice learn.” Even today, he is out there learning and teaching new things all the time. I know…..he will never stop. His poems reflect his way of life, his thoughts and his depth of involvement with whatever he does. All in all, he is one of the greatest human being that I have ever met….. It is an honour to have known him, to have come in touch with him and to have had his blessings…. Thank you sir…. for everything.

........ Dr.swapnil Rane